How to Send Text Messages from "Exelare for Windows"

Wouldn’t it be your life easy, if you are able send text (SMS) messages from your ATS software or you use for your business instead of switching to your mobile device or leave your computer?

In “Exelare for Windows”, users have the ability to setup an SMS account that allows you to send text messages using the interface.
To utilize the SMS/Text Messaging function within Exelare, you would first need to setup an account with our SMS Partner. They are called “SMS Gateway”.
Sign up with them, eMail us the "AccountKey". Please make sure they activate Bulk Sending feature. (Pricing details.)
Also, on the following page, please read the section "Reliability".

Once the SMS feature has been setup in "Exelare for Windows", user can start using it.

To send SMS to any Candidate or Contact, please follow these steps:
1. Select a Candidate(s) or Contact(s) and click on the “Send” drop-down on the main tool bar.
NOTE: User have an option to choose either one Candidate/Contact record or multiple Candidate or Contact records from the "Active" / "My Active" / "Recently Added" dynamic view(s).
2. From the drop-down list choose "SMS/Text Message" --> "All Consultants in the Current view” or “Selected Consultants”.
NOTE: Here user can choose “All Consultants in the Current View” or “Selected Consultants”.
3. A new Text window will pop-up.
4. Enter the text, Click on "Add Notes" (if you desire to) check box and click on "Send" button.
Please refer to the below screen shots on how to send SMS to everyone or selectively.

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