Sending emails from Exelare using native Outlook as SMTP

We can setup Exelare in such a way User can send emails out from the Exelare software, like you configure your Outlook or any other emailing client.

If you were not aware of Outgoing Server SMTP and login information - Username & Password or your Out bound Port number. Still User can send emails from Exelare.

Please follow the below steps to configure Exelare without the SMTP details:

1. In Exelare, click on Settings (gears icon on the right top beside Username) -> Choose User Options...

2. Click EMail -> Default Account tab.

3. Just type the word OUTLOOK for Outgoing Server (SMTP) in the box beside.

NOTE: In Exelare, to send emails just type Outlook in the SMTP Server area (Outgoing Server SMTP). Doing so, Exelare dumps the email to Outlook and Outlook delivers to the recipients.

4. Click on OK button.

NOTE: User NamePassword & Port Number not necessary to fill in.

Make sure to add Email Name, Email Address before User clicks on OK button at the bottom of the window.

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