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RingCentral Integration Details

RingCentral is a fully cloud based business phone system.  It allows recruiting & staffing businesses to provide a consistent feature set and user experience to all users around the globe. Companies can optimize their business communications with enterprise-class voice, fax, text, call handling, mobile apps, and BYOD capability.  

Users of Exelare can connect their RingCentral accounts to their Exelare user accounts directly.  This enables you to place outbound calls and text messages directly from Exelare.  When using the 'RingOut' method of calling, it also allows us to show you the caller ID of the person calling and jump directly to that callers record.  

How to connect your RingCentral account in Exelare

1.  In the top right hand corner of Exelare, click on the Settings icon and choose 'RingCentral Settings...'.  
2.  Click on the 'Login' button, and a new window will open up, asking for your RingCentral login credentials.  
3.  Complete your credentials and click 'Login'.  
4.  A new page will open asking for your permission for Exelare to access your RingCentral account.  Click 'Authorize'.  
5.  Choose your default settings for call number, Caller ID, and SMS number.   
6.  Choose your preferred method for placing outbound calls through RingCentral (see below).  
7.  Click on any phone hyperlink to start dialing out of Exelare using your RingCentral account!  

Choose your preferred method for placing outbound calls 

RingCentral provides two means by which to dial out of Exelare.  You can use the Windows application (also referred to as a soft phone), or you can use the RingOut method.  The RingOut method first calls you on your desktop or mobile phone, and then connects you with the person you are trying to call.  The Windows/SoftPhone method places the call directly through your computer using the Windows application.  When using the Windows method, users typically have a headset with microphone connected directly to their computer.  Choose the method that is consistent with the way in which you prefer to use RingCentral already.  

If you use the RingOut method, you will see that there is also a call window that pops up once you place a call.  This call window will display the status and time elasped on the current call.  It will also allow the user to click on the 'Cancel Call' button to hang up the phone call, or hide the window completely if you prefer not to see the call details.   Once the call is completed, a new Note window will pop up, allowing the user to type notes and commit them to the history of the contact or candidate record.  

Video Explaining 'RingOut' Method for placing outbound calls & text messages

Video Explaining 'SoftPhone/Windows App' Method for placing outbound calls & text messages

RingCentral Incoming Call Pop Up:

Once you have RC integration. If someone calls you on your RC number. Then you will get a pop up with corresponding matched record inside Exelare. For further details please watch the below video. 

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