"Post jobs on different job boards – indeed, SimplyHired etc."

We have automated process of posting jobs to Indeed, SimplyHired and glassdoor. We can enable the posting flag for any company. Once we enable the flag all open jobs would be included into the XML feed. Every night we generate jobs in an XML file. So that, the jobs that meets the following criteria will be included into an XML feed. This feed gets posted to Indeed, SimplyHired and glassdoor every night. So you would see the postings the next day.

Criteria(s) for the job to get posted:

1) Job should be in Open view, only open jobs will be published.

2) Job should be checked with "Send In Reqlist"

3) Job should not be checked with "Private".

NOTE: For Indeed you would need to have a subscription with them. From quite some time, they are not taking free postings.

Once you have the subscription, please tell them to pick the jobs from the feed file that is sent to them from cBizSoft. They should be able to pick them from there.

We post the following Exelare fields to Indeed/SimplyHired:

1) ReqID

2) JobTitle

3) Location (Please enter the data only in the following format City, State i.e. Dallas, TX

4) Salary

5) Description (This is a key field, client need to make sure that there is no client sensitive information in the job description.)

6) TotalExp

7) JobType

In addition to the above, in Exelare you can also do a manual posting to some paid sites like Dice, Monster, CareerBuilder and LinkedIn. Along with that, you can also share jobs to LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.

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