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Improved performance with GET button under Pipeline views

Our live search is one of the features our users love and rely on daily. However, using live search in complex views such as Pipeline can feel slow. We've added a new GET button to complex views. Simply enter all of your search criteria and click GET button to see results quickly.

In this below example, Candidates -> Dynamic Views -> Pipeline, for fields (columns) Type => "Status" and Sub-Type => "Placed". It is not showing any results initially.

Unlike the other dynamic views, the search does not process the client request instantly as the user types the search words in the live search bar. Pipeline view is an ambiguous query which needs considerable amount of time to load data as the user types key words.  

Hitting GET button would pull the data according to the search criteria in the fields (columns) "Type" and "Sub-Type". Please refer to the screen shot below.

Going forward, after typing the search words in the live search bar, user needs to click the GET button or hit ENTER key. This GET button loads data-on demand, which is located just beside the advanced search button, for data retrieval.

Our new functionality - GET button, shows the data in a flat line, loading data on demand.

This has improved the performance lot better eliminating the load delays.

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