Creating new email templates in Exelare

Being into Recruiting or Sales, often necessary to send marketing emails, Hot lists and Requirement lists to your Clients, Contacts, Vendors, Partners, recruiter introduction email to Candidates, job recruiting email template, sample email to potential Candidate on a periodical basis. May be daily, weekly or monthly. An email template could save you a lot of time and have consistent format.

An email template is a pre-formatted and/or pre-written email that you can use to replace with your own content so that you can quickly and easily write and create emails. Rather than having to recreate the email from scratch each time or starting at a blank screen. You can simply load your email template then replace the content of the email with your new content.

In Exelare, while creating a new template, please make sure you creating it for a Client or Candidate. Please follow these steps:

1.) Under Contacts or Candidates folder, in the main tool bar, right hand side, click on "Send" drop-down, choose "New Email".

2.) In the EMail window, click on Styles --> Style Sheets --> Plain - Arial 2 or any preferred font specific style sheet. 

3.) Now, click on Templates drop down -> click on white icon "Create new Template".

4.) Type some subject and in the right hand side under "
Merge Fields:" choose "Clients" or "Candidates".

Attach file(s) - (if you wish to add any documents or any files to the template)

6.) Salutation: Now type how you wish to address the recipient like Hi, Dear etc., 

7.) Please choose the fields from right hand side under "Merge Fields" and click on "Two Arrow pointers" at the bottom of the "Merge Fields" window.


if you wish to add (FirstName) OR (DisplayName) OR (Title) (FirstName) OR (Title) (LastName) OR (Title) (DisplayName).

It shows Dear [[FirstName]] OR Hi [[LastName]] OR Hi [[DisplayName]] OR Hi [[Title]] [[LastName]] OR Dear [[Title]] [[DisplayName]] 

8.) Add content to the email body, click on "Save As", and give a name to the template.

9..) Your email template has been saved now.

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