Merge two duplicate records in Exelare

Please follow the below steps to Merge 2 records:

1) Simply select or highlight any 2 duplicate records (Contacts/Candidates) and click on the "Settings"(gears ) icon on the top right beside username, and select  Advanced -> Merge Duplicates.

Settings (gears icon , at the top right corner) -> Advanced -> Merge Duplicates.

2) A window will come up displaying all of the fields in each record containing different data. Left hand side record details will be merged into the right side record. If you do not want to merge a field, just uncheck the check box.

oing so will keep the details for that field in the right hand side record, deleting the text/data in red color.

Note: Please make sure you have permissions for Candidates/Contacts checked for "Allow Merge Duplicates".

If you hit a message with "You do not have permissions", follow these steps:

1.> In Exelare, login as "Admin" or the user having Admin (Manage User Accounts) permissions checked.
2.> Settings (gears icon , at the top right corner) -> Users -> pick the Username, click on "Modify" button and next click on "Permissions" button.

3.> Now scroll down to Candidates section -> Put a check mark for "Allow Merge Duplicates", "Modify Items of: <ALL>" and "Allow Changing Userids of the other users Items".

Once you change user permissions, please logout and login into Exelare and merge the duplicate records.

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