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New feature to submit candidates internally --> Perm Staffing DB

 The following article explains on how Internal Submission feature works in Exelare.

In Exelare, we implemented a new feature – “Submit Internal”. Using this feature now recruiters can easily send resumes to internal Account Manager with in their company.

Please follow the below steps to do an internal submission:

In Exelare, under "Jobs" folder,

1.) Search the desired Job, to which you wish to submit a Candidate/resume internally.

 2.) Click on the “Send” button drop down menu and pick “Submit Internal”. 

 3.> Pick the desired Candidate(s)  and click OK

4.> Now in the email window you would see the email address of the JobUserID (email address) in the “To...” – recipients text box.


5.> Once the email is sent . It would show-up as “Internal EMail” in the “Pipeline” tab in the X-Tabs.

Steps for Account manager in submitting resume to the Client/Hiring Manger:

1.> Now the Account Manager picks the desired candiate from "Pipeline" X-Tab. Simply right-click on the internal submission record and choose “Submit…”. 

Please refer to the below screen for Sub Type - "Internal Email" (Internal submission) and "EMail" ( actual submission) submissions under "PipeLine" X-Tab.

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