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Recycle Bin in Exelare

Restore deleted records from Recycle Bin

As requested by several clients, we now have implemented Recycle Bin feature in Exelare.

Once you delete any main entity record like a Company, Client, Candidate or Job. These records get moved to "Recycle Bin" folder and will automatically get deleted 90 days after the Items were deleted. With-in this time-period you can go into "Recycle Bin" select the desired record(s) and click on "Restore Items" button at the top of the menu bar to restore them.

Screen shots below will explain in more detail.

Screen 1: This is where you will see “Recycle Bin” folder.

Screen 2: To Delete Records, select (i.e., highlight) the records you want to delete hit the “Red X” on the menu bar.

Screen 3: Clicking on “Yes” in the popup will delete the selected items.

Screen 4: You will see all deleted records in your “Recycle Bin” folder.

Screen 5: You can select any single or multiple items and click on “Restore Items” to restore the deleted record(s).


Screen 6: Once restored, you would see the remaining items that were deleted. If not restored these records will automatically be deleted permanently 90 days after the items were deleted.


Screen 7: Once the records were restored from “Recycle Bin” folder, they will appear back in your respective folder/entity (i.e., Contacts, Candidate, Companies or Jobs).


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