Find Matching Candidates

Find Matching Candidates

With Find Matching Candidates, you can search for Candidates from the Job, inside Exelare. Results are returned in a ranked fashion, meaning the most relevant results will be on the top. Store your search criteria within the Job directly.

a) Open your desired Job and click on "Skills" (tab) - (OR "Other" tab if you have any customizations)
b) You would notice a new field called "Search Criteria" below "Description" field.

c) Click on the little drop-down next to "Search Criteria", you would see an "Advanced Search" window.

d) You can choose "Regular" or "Boolean" search options and enter your skills to search for and click on OK.
e) Now, you can click on "Find matching candidates" in the Job tab OR in the view directly and it will bring the candidates that are matched.

Here you will see the searched results in a weighted / ranked fashion.

Once you have the list of matching Candidates for your desired job, please use the check boxes to link them as "Received" OR "Potential" or "Submitted".

User can also filter the results by "Faucet" search in the left hand side, Open/Edit a Candidate, Send Job to Candidate(s),  Email to Candidates, Submit the Candidates OR you can also copy the selected (use check boxes) Candidates to a static view and them send an email blast or mass mail or send a Reqlist.

Please refer to the below links how to copy selected or searched items to a static view.

Please click here for the video tutorial for more details.

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