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Exelare Mobile App

iPhone or iPad with IOS 10.2 or later, please click here to download and install the new mobile app. You can also search for "Exelare Mobile 2" and Install it from the App Store. 

Android 8.0 or higher please click here to download and install the new mobile app.

Note: Uninstall the previous mobile app before installing the above newer version.

Exelare Mobile App - "Sign In" screen: (Enter your Exelare login credentials and click the "Sign-In" button to login into the Mobile App.)

Once logged in you will see the entities Jobs, Candidates, Contacts, and Companies:

Menu Items:

After logging in into the mobile app, click on the menu button on the top left corner to see different options.



(We are demonstrating the search features using the Candidate entity.  However, users can also do all the below-shown activities from other entities - Jobs, Contacts, Companies.)
Click on Candidates entity to view Candidates – "All” & Candidates – "Active” views: 

Candidates – Active:


Search for a Candidate:

Let us do a basic search, for the desired candidate. Type the word and hit the “Search” button in the right bottom corner in the mobile soft “Keypad”.


Now Exelare would pull up the relevant records based on the search criteria entered. Exelare Mobile would do a wild character search in the following fields Display Name, Company Name, Job Title, Primary Skills, City, State and Zipcode fields

To edit a record or do any action just click on the record. It then opens the "Candidate Details" screen. Here it allows you to type the text in any desired field. For ex: if you wish to update a phone number, just type in the corresponding phone field. 

Now to save the record, click on the vertical 3 dots in the right-hand top corner, choose “Save Changes”. Now changes would be updated to the record.

Advanced Search inside Resume text:

To do an “Advanced Search”, click on search button in blue with a magnifier on the right-hand top corner.


Type in your desired keywords for “Regular Search” – All Words, Any Words, None of the Words and Exact Phrase. Also, you can specify the Zip Code range or “Not” in this Zip Code range. Now click on the “Check Mark” button on the top right corner.

To do “Boolean Search”, just slide at “Regular Search” with your finger. Now you would see “Boolean Search”.



How to view a Candidate resume:

When the user opens the Candidate record to view the Candidate details. At the bottom, click on the “Resume” tab to view the resume for that candidate:

Dial-Out OR Text and EMail:

Exelare Mobile App users can also dial from the Candidate detail window. Just click on the "Phone" icon to dial and "Mail" icon to text to the phone number fields. Click on "Mail" to e-mail if that is an "EMail" field.


From the Exelare Mobile App, user can also dial-out  or send an SMS from Candidates - My Daily Call List:


Submitting Candidate to a Contact or Job:                           

Search and select the desired Candidate whom you wish to submit. From the "Candidate Details" screen, click on the vertical three-dot action button. Choose the option “Submit to Contact” or “Submit to Job” to submit a Candidate profile to a Contact or Job.

If you wish to submit the desired Candidate to a Contact. User can pick a Contact from the list and submit.  


If you wish to submit the desired Candidate to a Job. Pick a Job from the list and submit.


Schedule an Activity (Call or Meeting or Interview or Task):

Exelare Mobile Users can also schedule a “Call”, “Meeting”, “Interview” or “Task”.



Detail Note:

Users can add a Note -"
Detail Note" to save for the Candidate, or can also use "QNotes". Detail Note or a Note is useful in such a way where Exelare logged in User can add additional information with the "Date and Time" stamp.



QNote or a Quick Note will allow Exelare User to save a note quickly with the relevant information, a general note. It is a handy tool or a feature where the information is saved with the "Date and Time" stamp for the relevant record for the logged-in Exelare User. ( Record here refers to...Candidate or Client or Job or Company etc...). It would be easy to refer back to that record at later times to know what conversation you had with the Candidate or Client, at what time, at what rate, etc.

When you open a Candidate Detail record, the third tab at the bottom right-hand corner is "QNotes". When the user clicks on it, as soon as start typing, the "Done" button is enabled just above the mobile soft "keypad". Type the info. and use the "Done" button to save the "QNotes".



A dashboard is a bird's eye view where you can see current open jobs and counts of Potential, Submitted, interview, Offers, Placed in a bar chart.



Pipeline displays Candidates that have been linked to a job as either "Received", "Potential", "Submitted" and their current status in the recruiting process. Pipeline shows the highest status of the Candidate related to a job. 

Here in the below instance, we wish to know the pipeline for the Job id - “Req 0006”. Search for the Job id in the search box. It would show up the Candidates submitted to this Job id.

Click here
to understand how to link a Candidate as "Received", "Potential", "Submitted" to a Job or Contacts.

We see three Candidates linked to this job down below.

 Shows Candidate - "Jon Karas" was submitted to this job and sub-type Email.

 Shows Candidate - "Gary White" is been submitted to this job manually – “Link selected Candidates to Jobs(Submitted)”.

 This shows Candidate - "Gary White" is been rejected at a specific stage in the hiring process.


Under Exelare-Reports, users can see the metrics based on the timeline. Select the desired timeline and you will see the below metrics report for all users in the Company.


Once you choose the date filter, Exelare would generate a report with the below details as shown below. Please slide to right-hand side to see more information.


Sent Mails:

In the sent mails section, the user can see all e-mails sent based on the timeline chosen.



Under the Calendar section, the user can see all the scheduled activities (.Each scheduled activity will be shown with a dot under the date as shown below. If you have multiple activities on the same date, it would show all the dots. Just select to open each scheduled activity showing the details.



Settings section will allow the user to "Sign Out" from the Exelare Mobile App.


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