Send & Receive SMS/Text messages in Exelare - using RingCentral

Making and receiving business calls from cell phones is a VoIP standard practice. But what about business texting? Exelare has gotten a head start on exploring this new realm with RingCentral Business SMS, which allows its users to send and receive texts and calls using one RingCentral number directly from Exelare. 

  • You have one business number that supports voice and text messages.
  • Send and receive 1,000-character messages to and from RingCentral extensions or 10-digit mobile numbers.
  • Message colleagues, clients or candidates with your business identity — from your Exelare.
  • Users can reply back to the SMS/Text via Exelare (chat window) directly.
  • Collaborate more effectively by communicating in a single text thread.
  • Instant Incoming SMS popup in Exelare

Send & Receive SMS/Text from Exelare - using RingCentral

  1. Select a Candidate or Client in Exelare.
  2. On the top menu items, click the drop-down next to “Send” and choose “SMS/Text Message” => Selected Candidate.

  3. Type your Text Message or click on “SMS Text” button to choose your text file and click on Send.

  4. When a candidate replies to your SMS. You would see an instant popup message of the SMS/Text in the bottom right corner of Exelare.

  5. Clicking on the popup will open Exelare RingCentral SMS/Text window. Here you can also see your conversations Sent and Received in the past from single window.

  6. You can reply back to the SMS from Exelare RingCentral SMS/Text window itself.

To open the Exelare RingCentral SMS/Text Window (manually)

  1. In Exelare, click on Settings->RingCentral Settings.
  2. Click on “Open RC SMS” will open the SMS conversations window.

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