Reply.IO Integration

What is Reply.IO?

The Reply is an email automation platform that puts outreach on autopilot, while still making each communication personal.

Bolster your current staff and reach out to potential employees/clients in one click. Keep your Clients or Candidates engaged with email marketing. Reply campaign builder is easy to use, packed full of features, and designed to grow with your business. Build better relationships with your Clients or Candidates.

  • No more fruitless cold calling. Reach out to clients/candidates at scale with a human touch
  • Engage with your entire client/candidate base to stay top of mind
  • Analyze campaign steps to improve results

Enrich sales processes in Exelare with automated sales outreach. Add new clients/candidates to Reply.IO with a couple of clicks from Exelare, then automatically sync replies from Reply.IO with Exelare. Stay focused on what really matters — growing your business.

To setup Reply.IO API integration with Exelare, you need to sign up with Reply.IO using the following link,

If you are unsure, please send an email to with your interest in Reply.IO Integration. One of our support reps will contact you and help you with the Reply.IO Integration setup process. Once the Reply.IO account is activated you can follow the below steps to utilize the Reply.IO features in Exelare.

Essential Steps to Begin Working with Reply.IO

1. The first mandatory step is to setup your business EMail in REPLY.IO.  Please refer to the support articles on how to setup an email account in Reply.IO.

     Reply.IO will use your email account that is set to send emails to all your campaigns.

2. The second step is to add the Reply.IO API key in Exelare.

    a) In Reply.IO click on Settings - API Key and copy the key, go to step b on copying this key into Exelare.

      b) In Exelare, click on Settings -> Integrations -> ReplyIO Settings-->Under "General"--> Paste the  "API Key" in the text box and click OK.


        c) Copy and paste the API key into the below window and click on OK.


3. Now go back to and create a campaign -

   Note: This is just giving the name to your campaign, like Java Developer-NJ. In the future, we might automate this step directly from Exelare. For now, this needs to be done in Reply.Io.

4. Push Contacts/Candidates directly from Exelare into the campaign created on Reply.IO or just as Contacts in Reply.IO.

     a) To push Contacts from Exelare into Reply.IO

          i) In Exelare, Select (i.e., highlight) single/multiple contacts.
         ii) Right click on any highlighted contact and choose -> ReplyIO Actions -> Push selected contacts to Reply.IO Campaign

        iii) Click the drop-down arrow to choose your email campaign.


        iv) Choose your EMail Campaign, you created in Reply.IO


         v)  Click on Select.

         vi) Once the contacts are pushed to Reply, you can simply close the window.


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