To run "Reports", in Exelare go to "Reports" folder pick the desired report it then loads the report with default filters. After  it finishes loading, you can run report with your desired filters. Please look into the second  screen shot below on how to use filters.

For Ex: To run the Activity Report Counts, expand General under Reports section, click on Activity Report - Counts, choose appropriate filters.

Note: We do customize reports for a fee. Any data that is entered in Exelare can be shown in report form. To do that pls email with your report requirements.

For ex if you want to load report of certain users and not all. Click on "UserAndGroups" , select desired users by checking the check box and click OK. Also, if you like to see only the last 30 days report, click on  "DateTime" filter, in here choose "Selected" under the "Duration" pick the value "Last 30 Days".  It then automatically loads the report.

Exporting Reports:

Reports can be exported either into Excel or into PDF.

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