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Improved HTML editor frame for Templates and Job Description

If you are heavy users of the Exelare email templates feature, you will love the new editor.

This is more robust and easy to format complex Word/HTML content more easily.

First start with opening a new mass email window, clicking on the 'Templates' button and then click on Create New (or white-colored icon).


In the New Template window, type some subject and on the right-hand side under "Merge Fields:" choose "Clients" or "Candidates".

Attach file(s) - (If you wish to add any documents or any files to the template)

Salutation: Now type how you wish to address the recipient like Hi, Dear, etc.,

Please choose the fields from the right-hand side under "Merge Fields" and click on "Insert to Body" at the bottom of the "Merge Fields" window.


If you wish to add (FirstName) OR (DisplayName) OR (Title) (FirstName) OR (Title) (LastName) OR (Title) (DisplayName).

It shows Dear [[FirstName]] OR Hi [[LastName]] OR Hi [[DisplayName]] OR Hi [[Title]] [[LastName]] OR Dear [[Title]] [[DisplayName]] 

Add content to the email body, click on "Save As", and give a name to the template.

Your email template has been saved now.

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