Parse Job Description build skills and search criteria- using AI

Introducing the AI engine to build Skills and Search Criteria based on Job Description.  Click the button "Build Search Criteria" on the Jobs menu or in the preview pane to extract the skills provided in the Job Description.

1) Simply click the "Build Search Criteria" button at the top of the menus.

2) AI engine will automatically extract all the skills and update into "Search Criteria"

3) Click on "Find Matching Candidates" to find all the matching candidates with "Relevance" scoring.

4) Select the desired candidates and send a personalized email with Job Details. 
    NOTE: Even though you see multiple emails in the TO section of the email window. Exelare will automatically send personalized emails to each recipient. None of the recipients see other emails.

5) To mark candidates as Potential to the Job. Select desired candidates, right-click and choose "Link selected Candidates as Potential".

6) To add selected candidates to a Static view. Select (or Check) the desired candidates and add them to a static view.

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