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Build Job Search Criteria Using AI Engine

Introducing the AI engine to automatically build Skills and Search Criteria based on Job Description.  Click the button "Build Search Criteria" on the Jobs menu or in the Job details. Please scroll down for written instructions.

Video: Build Search Criteria

Video: Find Matching Candidates

Please follow the below steps to automatically build search criteria from the job description:

1) Click the "Auto Build Search Criteria" button at the top of the menu. 


    Open the Job and click on "Auto Build Search Criteria" below the Description field.

2) AI engine will analyze the job description and automatically extract skills  into "Search Criteria"

3) Users can also edit the search criteria by clicking on "Edit Search Criteria". 

By default, Exelare is searching for "Submitted" or "Potential" in the last 6 months.

However, the user can check any option(s) from "Include Only". If none of the option(s) is checked, then it searches in all Active candidates.

Also, in Additional Search Criteria, users can pick any of the desired fields.

4) After the search criteria are added. Clicking on "Find Matching Candidates" will fetch all the matching candidates and ranks results based on "Relevance".

5) From the ranked results. Select the desired candidates and click on "Send Job to Candidates". This will send a personalized email with Job Details. 

    NOTE: Even though you see multiple emails in the TO section of the email window. Exelare will automatically send personalized emails to each recipient. None of the recipients see other emails.

6) From the ranked results, users can mark candidates as Potential to the Job. Select desired candidates, right-click and choose "Link selected Candidates as Potential". This way users can go back to the job and work on the "Pipeline".

7) From the ranked results, users can add candidates to a static view. Select desired candidates, right-click and choose "Static Views"--> Add Selected candidates-->Pick an existing static view or add them to a new static view. 

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