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Candidate Submittal CC and BCC Settings

Exelare users can automatically CC or BCC to pre-defined email(s) or to the candidate when a resume is submitted via email. 
  • Email submissions to your Candidates (external communication)
  • Email submissions to Owner or Colleague (within your team)
Please follow the below steps:

 1. In Exelare click on Settings (ICON)  >  User Options  >  Email  >  Resume

2. In "CC Submissions To" add the desired email(s) to whom you want to copy all submissions. ( Ex:, ).

    To copy more than one email address. Simply enter desired emails separated by a comma. Doing so Exelare will automatically fill in CC while resume submission emails are being sent.

3. In  "BCC Submissions To" add the desired email(s) or type in [[Consultants.Email1]]. By doing so Exelare will fetch candidate email and include in BCC while resume submission email is being sent.

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