Adding and Activating Users

Adding Users

  1. On the top right hand corner of Exelare, click on the Settings icon and select 'Users'
  2. Click on the 'New' Button to add a new user
  3. Enter a new Username, Password, Confirm Password and Email Address (we recommend not including spaces or special characters in the user name)
  4. Click on the permissions button if you want to modify permissions for this new user (you can always do this later)
  5. Click 'OK' to save the user
Please Note:  The new user has been added, but will not be able to login to Exelare until you have contacted our billing team to activate the user.  

Activating (Or Deactivating) Users

  1. Email with the name of the user(s) you want activated or deactivated
  2. Our billing team will activate or deactivate your users as requested.  You will receive a confirmation via email once complete.  
Please Note:  Make sure to give us the user name exactly as you typed it inside of Exelare.  

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