Posting Jobs to FeeTrader Through Exelare

If you haven't done so already, please ensure your FeeTrader Integration with Exelare is setup.  

Posting Jobs to FeeTrader

1.  Create a new Job in Exelare
2.  Fill out the details of the Job as you normally would
3.  Click on the new 'FeeTrader' Tab on the Job Edit Form
4.  Fill in all of the fields on the FeeTrader Tab, using the pre-defined lookups for the fields
5.  Click on either 'IsCandidateJob' or 'IsSplitJob' or both, depending on your preference (You will need to select at least one)
6.  Ensure all of the required fields are filled out on both the FeeTrader & General Tabs.  Don't worry, if you haven't filled out all the proper fields, Exelare will warn you.
7.  Save & Close the job

That's it!  Please be aware that it can take up to 1 hour for your jobs to appear in your account.  

Video Overview

Step by step video explaining how to post jobs to FeeTrader through Exelare

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