Exelare For Windows - On Your Mac

We know you love your Mac and want to keep using it for day to day business.  After all Mac's are known for their usability and speed, plus they 'Just work'.  Unfortunately, some of the best business focused apps aren't developed for Mac's yet so that leaves you in quite the predicament. 
Luckily with Exelare you have some options.  Its important to know those options so you can make the best decision about how to use it with your Mac. 
Option 1 - Use Exelare for Silverlight
If you want to access Exelare through the browser, Exelare for Silverlight is your best bet.  You can open Exelare by going to the login page (in Seamonkey browser) and entering your login credentials.  While we have many clients who use Exelare in this fashion, we do not 'Officially' support Exelare on Mac's.  We do however 'Unofficially' support it.   There are a few minor features you will not have access to with Exelare for Silverlight on Mac's.  These are due to limitations set by Apple.  Specifically you will not be able to Send Mass Emails (unless you use our SendGrid Integration), Import Excel Spreadsheets (CSV Files), Bulk Import Resume Files, or use the xBar Outlook Plugin.  Other than that, all other features work great. 

Steps to Install SeaMonkey browser:
1) Install "SeaMonkey" browser that is built off of the Mozilla Gecko engine.
2) On MAC, on the top left hand corner click on the Apple icon -- Choose "System Preferences" -- Security & Privacy -- Click "General".
3) Now click on "General" -- Select the option "Open Anyway". 
    NOTE: You would see this option in the bottom half as "SeaMonkey was blocked from opening because it is not from an identified developer".
4) Once SeaMonkey browser is installed, you can open https://apps.exelare.com/exelare/

Option 2 - Install Parallels on your Mac and use Windows 10 directly from your Mac
This is by far the best option for now and something you will simply love.  It truly is the best of both worlds.  Simply Install Parallels on your Mac (They have a 14 day free trial), and then use Parallels to access Exelare For Windows and any other Windows based application.  Parallels literally installs the Windows Operating system in the background of your Mac.  This means you can open Parallels just like any other program on your computer and you will have a fully functioning version of Windows!  Now you can take advantage of Exelare for Windows and all of the features it includes.  You can also install Outlook and our xBar plugin so you have all the features for email sync, resume parsing and more. 
We realize this concept might sound new or maybe even a bit strange to you but it really is a straight forward process.  Millions of people around the world use Parallels so they can keep their Mac, but have access to important business applications like Exelare.  If you have any questions about this or need help in any way, please don't hesitate to reach out to us.  That is what we are here for! 
We know you are going to love using Exelare for Windows - On your Mac!  And should you decide to use Exelare for Silverlight instead, you will also really enjoy the power of of that application.  Just be aware of the few small limitations it has. 

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