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Setting up SendGrid Integration

Exelare has many options for sending mass emails (Mail Merge Campaigns), including our very powerful SendGrid Integration.  It might help to review all of your options before making a decision.  Please see our Knowledge Base Article on Email Marketing Options in Exelare.  


Before you can use the SendGrid Integration, you first need to setup a SendGrid Account.  Please click here to go to the SendGrid Pricing Page and choose a sending plan that is right for your team.  

Once you have signed up for a SendGrid account, make sure to write down your user name & password since you will need them next!  

Setting up & Using SendGrid Integration from Exelare
  1. Inside Exelare, click on the 'Settings' (, gears icon) in the top right hand corner of the software.  Then choose 'User Options...'
  2. The 'User Options...' window will open.  Then click on the 'Email' Tab and then 'Advanced' Sub-Tab underneath that
  3. To the right of the Additional - 'Accounts/Identities' list, you will see a 'Create New Account' dropdown Arrow.  Click on that and choose the 'SendGrid' Option
  4. A new window will open where you can now enter your SendGrid User Name & Password, along with all of the Email Account details you want to use
  5. If you have entered your SendGrid - User Name & Password correctly, the software will let you know, or it will warn you if the details are incorrect
  6. Click the 'OK' button on the bottom of the window to finish your SendGrid integration setup.  
Now that you have created and linked your SendGrid account to Exelare, you can start using the SendGrid account when sending emails.  Make sure when you send any email to select the proper 'From' Account at the top of the email window.  

After you start sending emails using SendGrid, you will be able to login to your SendGrid account to see statistics like delivery rates, open & click rates.  

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