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Email Already Linked Documents from xTabs

You can email any document already linked to a Company, Contact, Candidate or Job in Exelare.  

To Email already linked documents, please follow these steps:  

1) Select any Company, Contact, Candidate or Job record to which you have already attached documents.
2) Click on the 'xTabs' Document Tab
3) Select any document in the documents xTab
4) Right-click and choose 'Email Document'
5) In the email window, click on the 'TO' button and select any recipients from either 'Contacts' or 'Candidates'.  You can also manually type any email address.  
6) Search for “Display Name” and click on “To->” or “CC->” or “BCC->”
7) Click on OK
8) Add “Subject” and some text to the email body.
9) If you wish to add more files, click on “Attach file”.

You can simply drag-drop files to the area beside “Attach file” – “Drag attachments here”.

10) Click on “Send” on the left top corner.

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