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Set Document as 'Default' Resume

In Exelare, you can select any document or resume in the 'Documents' xTab and choose to set that document as the “Default Resume”.   This allows Users to have multiple versions of resume for a candidate, but maintain a default or primary resume.  

Please follow the steps below to set an existing document as a candidates default resume:

1) Right click on the attached document (it could be any document e.g. “.txt”, “.rtf”, “.doc”, “.docx”, “.pdf”)
2) Select “Set as Resume”

3) Click on the refresh (icon) at the bottom of the top pane. Now you can view the “.pdf” document attached to this candidate record as a default resume in the iTabs/Resume Preview window on the right.  
4) Double click to open candidate record to see the default resume attached to this candidate in database.

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